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The St Cyrus Public Hall / Library was designed by the architect David Wishart Galloway in 1911 and built in 1912.


2012 saw the Centenary of the Village Hall and a new door was installed with ‘CENTENARY 2012’ engraved in glass above the door.


Two halls (large and small) and a Committee Room accommodate a wide variety of local community activities and services such as private parties, meetings, Playgroup, Mothers and Toddlers, Youth Club, Friendship club and Highland, Scottish Country and Tea Dancing. The income from these activities covers the annual insurance, the day-to-day maintenance and running costs.


The Public Hall is available for hire to all local residents. Occasional Users are required to pay a deposit together with the fee for hire of the Hall prior to the event. The deposit is returnable if the hirer has complied with the terms and conditions of hire.





To make a booking please contact the Hall Keeper Mrs Lara Smith - Mobile 07565 597559.


Once availability is confirmed the Hall Keeper will issue a Booking Form for completion together with Terms and Conditions of let, Fire Prevention Policy and a copy of Letting Charges. 


Completed documentation is to be returned to the Hall Keeper.


Hall charges with effect from 1 May 2019:






Main Hall                             £10 per hour                  £22.50 per hour               £11.15 per hour

Small Hall                            £8.50 per hour               £17.50 per hour               £9.65 per hour

Committee Room                £8.50 per hour               £17.50 per hour               £9.65 per hour     

Use of Sound System         Free                               £15.50 per booking          To be agreed

Deposit                                Not applicable               £100.00                            £100.00


Minimum rental 1 hour.


Hall users are permitted 15 minutes to set up / tidy up before / after each session.