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The St Cyrus Public Hall / Library was designed by the architect David Wishart Galloway in 1911 and built in 1912. This year sees the Centenary of the Village Hall and a new door will be installed which will have ‘CENTENARY 2012’ engraved in glass above the door.

This is one of the busiest Public Halls in the Mearns area. Two halls (large and small) and a Comittee Room accommodate a wide variety of local community activities and services such as private parties, meetings, Playgroup, Mothers and Toddlers, Youth Club, Friendship club and Highland, Scottish Country and Tea Dancing. The income from these activities covers the annual insurance, the day-to-day maintenance and running costs.Public Hall

Wireless Broadband Internet connection is now available at the Hall.

The hall is run by the St Cyrus Public Hall Committee, which manages day-to-day running of the hall, maintenance and repairs. The committee consists of three office bearers – Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and up to four elected members, plus representatives from various groups and clubs using the hall. All members are volunteers. Fundraising towards running costs, repairs and major improvements is an ongoing concern.

The Committee usually meets monthly on the first Tuesday in the month and everybody is welcome.

Public Hall St CyrusIn 2001 the hall was extended after a Big Lottery grant with the addition of full access for the disabled and 

an extra room for community use. In 2007 the St.Cyrus Public Hall Committee was awarded a grant of £10,000 from Awards for All to replace the old decaying windows in both halls. This grant, plus monies raised from various fund-raising events allowed us to replace the old windows with double glazed units. Also in 2007 the Hall purchased new crockery, cutlery, a new urn and extractor fan for the kitchen. All Hall users will benefit from these improvements and the support of the local community at fund raising events is much appreciated.

In 2008 we received a grant from Aberdeenshire Council. It was stipulated that this money should be spent on the ‘children’s groups’. The play area at the back of the Hall has been enlarged and new benches purchased. A new fence has been erected thus making it safer for the young children in the Playgroup, Mum’s & Toddlers and the After School Club.

Because the younger groups as well as the Youth Club have a lot of equipment it was decided to erect a storage shed at the back of the Hall that the large hall and stage don’t have to be used as a storage area. 

Our next project is a big one – replacing the wooden floor in the main hall with a new hardwood floor.

We encourage newcomers to the village to join us at events. These are pleasant social occasions and a chance to meet with other members of the community and learn about  the group activities that take place in the hall.


If you would like to book a hall for regular sessions or an occasional event, please contact our Hall Keeper on 07565 597559 for the booking form.

The Public Hall is available for hire to all local residents. Occasional Users are required to pay a deposit of £90 together with the fee for hire of the hall prior to the event. The deposit is returnable if the hirer has complied with the terms and conditions of hire.

Charges:                                     Committee Room    Small Hall       Large Hall

Regular Users:                 £5.35/hr                 £5.35/hr          £6.85/hr
Occasional Users:           £12.00/hr            £12.00/hr        £15.00/hr
Use of the Sound Equipment is £90.00 per occasion (as from 1 July 2012)

The St Cyrus Public Hall Committee, has charity status (No. SC01237) and is on the Scottish Charity Register. Meetings are on regular basis and open to the public.

The Hall has a Public Entertainment Licence (PEL). The Committee had to make sure that the Hall satisfied all the requirements, i.e. Public Liability Insurance, Fire Safety, Health and Safety regulations etc.

Every year the Committee supports the writers and composers of music by obtaining the Performing Right Society (PRS) Music Certificate.

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